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Campervan License Requirements


A trip in a campervan around New Zealand can be one of the most exciting experiences that you’ll have in your lifetime. You will be able to explore the wilderness and take in various cultural sites and adventures. For starters it is essential to make sure that you’re capable of driving a motor home across the country. Learn all you have to be aware of the campervan licence prerequisites for more info


You must have an up-to-date and complete motor vehicle driver’s license in order to drive and hire campervans on the roads of New Zealand. It is not necessary to hold a permit to drive heavy duty vehicles since the motor homes that are available to rent do not fall into this category. This makes renting available to everyone.


The requirements for campervan licences for foreigners differ slightly. You are able to use your driver’s licence from your country of origin without additional documents if it’s written in English as well as in the form approved as valid by New Zealand Transport Agency. New Zealand Transport Agency. If the above requirements are not satisfied, then you should be issued an International Driving Permit (IDP). The IDP is issued by the country that issued your driver’s license.


There’s a different option to an IDP you might want to take into consideration. You can get the English version of the driver’s license , and utilize it along alongside the document in its original form. It is to be noted that an official translation is mandatory. It is issued by any of three authorities. Translation services are authorized from the New Zealand Transport Agency, an official representative of a diplomatic high commission, an embassy or consulate or the organization that issued the initial license for the driver. There is a list of approved translators at the website for the New Zealand Transport Agency.


There are generally age restrictions for hiring campervans, even though people over 16 years of age can legally be drivers legally in New Zealand if they have the appropriate license. It is because the rental service includes obligatory insurance that is issued to individuals who are older than 21 or those who are 25 years old. Younger travelers should consult the service provider they intend to utilize for a special insurance agreement that will permit them to hire and drive a motorhome types of driving licences.


The requirements for campervan licences for New Zealand are fairly easy to fulfill. But, it is important to be aware of the rules of the road throughout the state and adhere to them in mind during your travels. The problem of jet lag is an atypical problem for foreign travelers, therefore it is highly advised to get a full night’s rest before heading out for your adventure.