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Chinese umbrella …..the beauty that hides a history of more than 3,000 years

now when it rains or hot sunlight It’s common to see people holding “umbrellas” of various shapes and colors. Walking back and forth on the streets These images can be seen anywhere in the world. Because an umbrella is one of the basic equipment that everyone must have in their home.

China has initiated the making of paper umbrellas. The making materials are paper and wood. This material makes it possible to create beautiful and lightweight umbrellas that are popular in many countries, Chinese paper umbrellas are designed with elegant designs and popular patterns in

the fields of nature, flowers and famous landscapes. until being exported to Europe The beauty of Chinese umbrellas is quickly gaining popularity in many countries around the world.

“Umbrella” this invention hasgone through an extraordinary history for a long time According to historical evidence, it is believed that The “oldest umbrella” originated in China around 3,000 years ago as a protection against rain. and sunlight The most important evidence is The appearance of an

umbrella on the Dragon Emperor’s carriage during the Xin dynasty and an umbrella was discovered In the tomb of the founder of the Qin dynasty, circa 221-207 BC.

Historians believe that The first person who invented the umbrella was a Chinese named Lu Ban, an inventor of construction machinery. and great handicrafts until it has been dubbed Luban originally built an umbrella to protect his wife from the rain, who had to bring food to her when she was working outside. He was inspired by the children who used lotus leaves to cover the rain. Then

build a frame from flexible wood covered with fabric. with a prototype from the pavilion on the side of the road This classic, the traditional shape is still used as the basis of the umbrella until now. The umbrella at first cannot be folded. The foldable umbrella was invented later During the Wei Kok dynasty, about 1,700 years ago

The umbrella of chinais not only beautiful but Protects you from the sun or the rain that has already fallen. but also hidden in the various cultures of China The bamboo frame is a symbol of longevity. The round shape means ของชำร่วยงานศพ. and the red Chinese congregation of traditional umbrellas Represents strength and wealth, red umbrellas are the most popular in China. Chinese umbrellas at that time It is

also seen as a symbol of wealth and power or an indication of the caste class. During the high popularity of Chinese paper umbrellas, castes were divided by observing the color of the umbrella itself. Normal families used yellow or red and nobles and the wealthy used blue. Or even at a

funeral will use a white paper umbrella. which the Chinese umbrella There are two main types: silk umbrellas and paper umbrellas.

Silk umbrellas represent wealth. Originally, only wealthy merchants, nobles, and royals could occupy them. Because it is expensive, beautiful, but difficult to maintain. They were gradually being beautifully crafted. The umbrella frame is made from mulberry bark. or bamboo that is at least five years old with flexible strength brought from the northern part of Fujian Province and then coated

with insect repellent. Then Chinese artists elaborately paint different exquisite patterns on each umbrella. Each umbrella goes through 80 elaborate processes to be considered complete. After some time has passed the Ming dynasty. therefore began to allow ordinary people to own silk

umbrellas. by the famous silk was the umbrella most popular It was produced in Hangzhou Province. It even became a very popular souvenir for both past and present tourists.

At the end of the Wei dynasty Umbrellas were used to rank social status. During the Han Dynasty, the emperor used red and yellow umbrellas. Government officials use green umbrellas. The common people use blue umbrellas. In addition, umbrellas are used in many rituals. These umbrellas were called “Lu umbrellas” in ancient China. Umbrellas are used to ward off demons. and enhance the

good health of children Umbrellas are also often used for wedding ceremonies. Red paper umbrellas were used to protect the bride from evil. in some areas of China, The umbrella is a symbol of heaven. and the sun god in Hunan, the Yao people dance with an umbrella Demonstrates the worship of the

heavens. And umbrellas are also used in acrobatics. To create balance while walking on a wire in mid-air

Paper umbrellas first appeared around the 1st century AD and quickly gained popularity among wealthy women in China. with a cheaper price than silk umbrellas Lightweight yet strong, they can be used to protect your skin from sun and rain. with the tissue fibers of paper that are so thin that they are almost transparent which has been sprayed with rain oil on the surface of the paper, making

umbrellas become an indispensable part of women’s fashion apparel. shortly after during the tang dynasty Umbrellas are popular all over China. and surrounding Asian countries including Persian and western countries through the trade of the Silk Road At that time, Chinese umbrellas were called “tang umbrellas”, coinciding with the passage of the Dark Ages in Europe. and a wave of enthusiasm

for fashion from distant lands umbrella from china Thus, it has become a fashion of the high society women in Italy, France, and England.

although at present Modern umbrellas made of plastic, etc., have become the standard of umbrellas. But traditional Chinese umbrellas are still very popular around the world. Traditional umbrella manufacturing bases in Fujian, Hunan, and Hangzhou provinces continue to produce delicate antique umbrellas. Bright, beautiful, durable, and high quality. And hidden in China’s

culture, millions of cars are released each year. At present, more than 30% of the world’s umbrellas are beach umbrellas, folding umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, or wedding umbrellas. Still being produced in China as before. In Thailand, we also have paper umbrellas, often called Bo Sang umbrellas or Lanna umbrellas. Hundreds of years until it is known as one of the uniqueness of Lanna

which has been inherited for a long time In ancient times it was used in the royal court. including offering sacrifices to the Buddha The making of umbrellas in the ancient era was so elaborate with artisan craftsmanship. and beautifully decorated when passed on to the latter era which is invaluable as a local handicraft