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Find out how WiFi can be Better

People who live in huge apartment or private residences are often faced with a situation in which one router, however great it is can’t provide full and continuous Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire house. This means that in one area, the speed is excellent but in another area of the home, there are dead zones, where the signal is not enough to be of use or completely disappears best wifi extender for fios.

Up until recently, this issue was solved by installing an additional router. the most significant feature it had was the support for repeater mode. What does this mean? In short, it means more effort and, often, more issues! It is possible to set up the second router to increase the signal of the previous one, making the connection slightly more steady. However, even though the area of coverage substantially increases and is stabilized but there’s another issue that is the speed of connection for each repeater decreases dramatically.

Eero is an excellent example of the new generation of WiFi systems, since they created their first domestic WiFi products designed specifically to tackle this problem, employing a technique known as ‘Mesh Networking’. The sales of Eero were previously restricted only to U.S., but you can now purchase eero in Australia and we thought it was high time to let people know about the latest way to do things, and the reason why Mesh Networking can be the best way to take!

The Eero (or the other Mesh Network) Wi-Fi system comprises of a variety of devices, including at least one base station, as well as a number of smaller, less costly beacons designed to be able to be placed wherever you want and extend the coverage of the network. Many products come pre-configured with packages designed for specific homes – for example, eero offers packages homes with 1-2, 2-4, and 3-5bedroom homes comprising 1 eero plus 1 beacon 1 eero, 1 eero and 2 beacons and 3 eeros, respectively.

For setup the system, you just need to connect an Eero gadget to the internet and set up other access points in the remote areas that provide a reliable WiFi signal. Eero engineers have developed a mesh networking model, which means that all nodes are formal equal and the system is able to manage itself.

Also, in contrast to the “router repeater 1, repeater 2” plan, in which the main router handles all routing and network issues while the other devices are trying to relay the information using dumb extenders the three Eero devices are fully-fledged routers that create an Mesh Network where each node is an intermediate point between another node within the system which work in tandem to deliver an equally distributed powerful signal across the entire mesh. This helps eliminate dead spots and weak points on your home WiFi If you’re connected to WiFi in the Mesh there is an extremely strong signal.

Another feature of this newer WiFi devices is the potential of integrating with a dedicated application on your smartphone to manage every aspect associated with the network, including speed tests, and so on. If you’ve been required to login to an obscure website address and then use an uninspiring and confusing interface to set up the router, you be aware of how significant this can be. As an example it provides all the features for managing your network that you’d think of, the eero app will automatically connect with your network’s wireless connection, track the number of devices connected to your network, measure the speed of your network and even see how much data is being used. These systems are capable of automatically installing upgrades and updates that help will make the system run more effectively – they are current and secure without having to play around with the settings.

Although we’d like to list every feature which are possible due to the systems that have an application that’s dedicated, they aren’t the same in their capabilities and the time to complete them is limited! We do like it is easy to establish a new network with your smartphone , or to quickly add guests without having sharing or keeping track of your password time-savers made simple by a couple of taps on your smartphone – give an easy note.

In the end, although routers can in general be ugly machines, covered in cables and antennae, a few models of the new generation of routers look attractive enough to warrant a their place in every home. Since we all have WiFi at home It’s incredible that it’s taken this long for the design for these routers to become an important factor (I think Apple did make pretty stylish routers, but these were not the norm, and now are completely out of date with regards to their WiFi router technology). For illustration, the eero model is minimalist and stylish and seems like the type of device Apple could launch in the event that they decide to become important with WiFi yet again…

We hope that this has helped you to understand the basics of what Mesh Networking is, why it’s better than previous WiFi systems and how it is able to achieve this and we’re sure you’re eager to check out the possibilities offered. Better and faster WiFi is feasible! If you’re in search of more details, entering words like “Mesh Networking” into Google should provide plenty of information.