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Roof Cleaning Safety Tips

The industry of roof cleaning has grown exponentially over the last few years as homeowners are more aware that the algae on their roof are easily removed. This has drawn many small-scale entrepreneurs who view it as a potential lucrative venture. However, often the rush to make money can result in an unprofessional roof cleaning service that hasn’t laid the foundations to ensure safe operations and procedures. The owners and operators are advised to provide basic safety guidelines for their staff and themselves before they step onto the roof.

Most importantly, the most obvious danger associated with cleaning the roof is the risk of an unavoidable or fatal fall. A lot of people mistakenly believe that only roofs with two stories are risky however, there are many people who are killed or disabled after falling from single-story ranch roofs each year. If you fall on your head, it doesn’t need much height to have devastating consequences. A roof’s slope is especially hazardous when a cleaning process is underway because of the hazardous chemicals, hoses and other hoses that you must contend with Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning.

To safeguard yourself from falling you must wear the safety harness whenever it is possible to create your “safety net”. It is also recommended to buy a pair roofing shoes that are made to provide maximum grip and resistance to slip. Personally, I recommend using the Cougar Paws brand. It is also advisable to hold your trigger gun with one hand and hold chemical line slack in another to prevent slipping over it. Additionally, you must ensure that you’re moving in the direction of forward motion and not in a reverse direction. There have been a few near-misses while going backwards and getting tripped over vent stacks and other roof obstructions. Also, make sure that you leave a path that is dry to leave the roof, or else you’ll have to deal with slippery chemicals when you try to descend to the ladder and then mount it. It is possible to spray the path with a chemical before your last exit.

Safety of the ladder is a subject entirely. It’s advisable to use the ladder stand-off device at any time. Not just to guard the gutter of your home but also to support the ladder in your climb and descent. Also , ensure that an assister is located on the bottom of the ladder to ensure it is stable when you climb it. Also, try to extend the ladder about three to four feet over the gutter so it is more easily to hang it from the roof after job completed. Also, if you can afford it, try purchasing ladders that do not conduct electricity. A number of roofers have suffered injury or even suffered fatal injuries as a result of an the accidental contact with power lines.

Not least the problem of exposure to chemicals used for roof cleaning. Whatever solution or product you’re employing certain chemicals are likely to come in contact with your mucus or skin membranes. You must take precautions to avoid this. Make sure you wear beggles and an NIOSH-approved mask as well as heavy-duty gloves. I know that roofing work can be extremely hot, but , if it’s possible, it’s best to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants to shield your skin from the chemical splash. On windy days, it’s almost inevitable that the chemical mist will make it’s way into your ankles, neck, ears and other areas of your body that are vulnerable therefore, you should keep a dry rag or towel so that you can clean it off whenever it becomes necessary. The final thing you should not do is let the chemical to remain upon your skin long durations. If the job is a major one, make sure you take breaks frequently so that you can get down and offer your face and skin a thorough wash with an outdoor hose. Breaks are an ideal idea since roof work can be extremely hot, and it is essential to refresh the body’s water supply with cold as often as you can. The last place you’d like to suffer from heat stroke is 40 feet off the floor on a roof that’s slippery.