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Valentines Day: Sacred LOVE – Why are I Single? and What Can You Do About It

Nature, the universe, and any faith you may have, do not want to see you alone, single or lonely. Ever. This is a common human trait. Either that or we’re outof tune with the natural world gift for valentine’s day.

This article is about the challenges to a sacred loving relationship. Valentines Day 2007, however, is the perfect day to get rid of such obstacles. (Or the week after, if you are too late)

To begin, you must break from a norm. This is because traditional methods of relationship are very inconsistent. They are unable to see the order among the chaos of love. There is an order. Here’s a step to get you started. This will make a huge difference in your love life.

Nothing is lacking. There is plenty everywhere. Everyone is rich. It’s just a matter of how rich someone is. You can hear the perfect music, even though you are born blind. Someone else has eyes, so they see beauty. We can have everything, but not always the way we want.

This means that you can’t be alone. You are already in a marriage and you can’t take it for what it is.

People who are single have five common ways they are already having a relationship. The key to making space for more of the type of relationship you desire is understanding your relationship.

Don’t let it make you feel guilty that your relationship may not be the one you desire. Be grateful for what you have.

Hidden relationships that fill the space. Idols.

Your relationship energy can be channeled into an idol or icon if you worship a rock star or musician or a statue or God. These are the three keys to a sacred love relationship with a partner. These are also the essential characteristics of devotion. You might already have a significant relationship with an icon. If you can recognize this and are thankful, you may be able give your heart to your significant other.

Except for a string of short-term relationships with wiz men, there was a single yoga student. For 10 years she was basically single. She was in search of a partner. We began to search for her current and hidden relationship. It was with her Guru, who she practices daily yoga and which she uses to master herself. These devotions do not make it possible for her to have a sacred relationship with her partner. We did a thanks exercise (see sacred LOVE book) and thanked yoga and the Guru for their love. They also taught her the skills she needed to be in a relationship. Within days, she met her husband and yoga, guru and all things second-hand now that they are together. The only thing that was missing was the form.

Another client was so dedicated. Her work was her true love, and she did not change much over the years. The reason for this was her ego, which was boosted not by love but by work. Another client had children. He was single. His son was his first love. His son was his love. No one who is self-worthy will stay in this experience for very long.

Hidden relationships can fill the space.

The truth is that society has a lot of false information about how to make a couple happy. The majority of people are just surviving and not thriving in their relationships. One of the most harmful ideas propagated by TV gurus and books is that support and peace can be the ultimate outcome of a great partnership. People run from a challenge instead of falling in love.

Sacred Love is based upon the universal principle and value of love. It is the principle that love thrives on the borders of challenge and support. Too much support creates boredom, too much challenge creates burn out. Can you see? The ideal relationship will be the one that we are running from. It is not surprising that people struggle with finding peace of mind in a romantic relationship. They seek out a false reality. Love grows when there is both challenge and support. Only the ego craves support. Because of the dangers associated with challenge, the soul desires challenge. It is the combination between support (ego=romance) and challenge(soul=unconditional loving) that makes sacred relationships flourish. And Jive ….

Hidden relationships that fill this space – Stuck on the past.

This third secret relationship is both the most damaging and common. Stuck in past. This is when you feel stuck in the past. So people react to the events of the past. People will react to events and say things like, “I’ll never want that again” or even “I wish this could happen again.”

The life we live is determined by the way we react. If someone tells me how horrible their last partner was or how much their ex loves them, I don’t think they are in a good relationship. Because their ex is running their lives, they are the ones you are in. Reaction means to give power and control to someone else. It is what starts to rule our lives.

I don’t know much about you, but I do not want to be influenced by their past love affairs or their infatuations. It’s akin to trying to fit people in a piece of cardboard. People who are stuck on the past have a preconceived notion of what people can and cannot accept. An individual who is stuck with the past does not have to be in a long-term relationship with them. They just want people to be who they are. I say, “You can’t leave someone until they love you.” To truly love someone, one must be grateful for all that they have.

  1. Your relationship should be your religion
  2. Make your hopes and dreams come true
  3. Don’t let the past define you. Instead, embrace your love.

There are the laws for the ego, the ways to seduce and coerce individuals – then there are universal laws for love. How to create a sacred relationship that thrives. I hope that this article helps you separate them. Both are important. The short-term and the long-term are both equally valuable. Do this gratitude exercise if you are a single person on Valentines Day. It will help transform your lover, whether he or she is an idol, false ideal, or a scarlet letter from the past. Shift your perception, change your life.