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What’s Hype About House Tikik?

If you’re wondering what’s hype about House Tikik, you’ve come to the right place. This article takes a look at the rise of Lil Huddy, Jack Wright and Daisy Keech, as well as a handful of other rising stars. Whether you’re a tweep or a real music lover, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy this summer. To download their videos you can visit downtik.

Lil Huddy

Netflix has released a new reality show called “Hype House,” which centers on the TikTok collective of the same name. Lil Huddy, better known as Chase Hudson, teamed up with YouTuber Thomas Petrou in late 2019 to create a space that would facilitate the creation of quality TikTok content. Other members of the group include Nikita Dragon, Larray, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, and Vinnie Hacker.

Daisy Keech

The drama surrounding Daisy Keech and Hype House TikTok began earlier this month with trademark disputes, but it has continued throughout the month as rival factions battle over rental properties. In the New York Times’ profile, Daisy Keech complained that she had not received enough credit for her role in the collective. The New York Times reported that the founders of Hype House were Thomas and Chase, but it was Daisy who was the cause of the unrest. As a result, Daisy moved out of the House in March 2020 and launched her own collective house.

Jack Wright

One of the biggest social media stars has come forward with shocking allegations involving another star. The latest is Jack Wright, a member of TikTok’s Hype House. The young YouTuber has defended his actions and the accusations made against him. Here, Wright details his claims. Earlier, Mason Rizzon posted a series of claims aimed at Gomez. In response, Gomez posted a YouTube video denying the allegations. In another video, Lachlan Hannemann posted a video showing the alleged incident in Hawaii.


If you’ve been following Larri’s videos on TikTok, you’ll know that the teen is born in California. While her videos are funny, they are also part of the Hype House TikTok collective. Although she first gained popularity on Vine, she has since moved onto YouTube. Her eponymous channel has more than 1.6 million subscribers. It’s easy to see why she’s so popular!


As one of the most popular members of the TikTok community, Calvin Dawson has achieved tremendous success. He started making TikTok videos in June, and has now amassed over 600,000 followers. Although he initially started posting prank videos, he soon began experimenting with other genres, such as comedy, dancing, and lip-syncing. Currently, Calvin has over 167,000 Instagram followers and is considered to be the most popular TikTok artist in the world.

Addison Rae

If you are wondering whether Addison Rae is still with the Hype House or not, you are in luck! The social media collective boasts some of the biggest names on TikTok. While Addison Rae is not officially part of the collective, she has been spotted in various social media accounts. Her dancing videos have gained her 32.2 million followers and a growing following.


As one of the most popular YouTubers on the social networking platform, Larray has made it a point to live up to his name. He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and has since gained more than 4.4 million followers. In addition to posting his own videos, Larray also posts video gaming content from Roblox. He previously was a part of the TikTok collective 2BusyOnline, but his channel has been inactive for several years. Today, Larray has more than eight million followers and is a member of the Hype House.